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Cooperative Purchasing Affiliations

AHA is currently affiliated with multiple Cooperative Purchasing (co-op) programs including the ones listed below. The purchasing co-ops are designed to streamline the purchasing process for government and other eligible agencies. All vendors and potential vendors are encouraged to submit bids and proposals to multiple co-op agencies as a way to increase the selling potential for your company.

Contact information for each co-op is listed below.

BuyBoard logo

Contact BuyBoard:
(800) 695-2919

TXSmartBuy logo

Contact TxSmartBuy:
(888) 479-7602

omnia pic.png

Contact Omnia:
(866) 875-3299

TexBuy logo

Contact TexBuy:
(888) 677-5312

NCPA pic.png

Contact NCPA: (888) 543-6515