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Contracting with AHA

Licensing and Insurance Requirements

  • AHA will request a copy of documents listed below as they apply to each contract.  If selected, the contractor MUST provide proof of any of the following documents requested by AHA before receipt of award.  Please remember that not all documents will apply to all contracts:
    • Proof of current Worker’s Compensation insurance (per state requirements)
    • Proof of current General Liability Coverage naming AHA as an additional insured (a minimum requirement will be stated for each contract)
    • A copy of the vendor’s business license allowing that entity to provide such services within its appropriate jurisdiction and/or a copy of the vendor’s license issued by the State of record allowing the proposer to provide the services requested
    • A copy of automobile insurance coverage
    • Any other insurance that may be applicable to working with AHA

Bonding Requirements (for construction contracts only)

  • Bid bonds may be required (amounts will be stated in IFBs)
  • Payment and Performance bonds may be required from the lowest responsive bidder (amounts will be stated in IFBs)
  • Bonds must be on the US Treasury List of Approved Bonding Companies