Abilene Housing Authority Administration and Housing Choice Voucher Program

Phone: (325) 676-6385 plus extension
Fax: (325) 676-6375

Public Housing (LRPH)

Phone: (325) 676-6032
Fax: (325) 738-8091

 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Staff
  HCV Program Manager Deborah McGinnis Ext. 6389
  HCV Supervisor Amy Pugh Ext. 6395
  FSS Coordinator Lacey LaCaze Ext. 6332
  Housing Specialist Vacant Ext. 6380
  Housing Counselor/ Inspector Christina Torres Ext. 5326
  Housing Counselor/ Inspector Jessica Hicks Ext. 5327
  Housing Counselor/ Inspector Susan Wilcock Ext. 6322
  Housing Counselor/ Inspector Stacey Smith Ext. 6325
  Inspections Department Inspections Ext. 6387
  Housing Inspector Dirk Lindley Ext. 5319
*All HCV Program calls will be returned within 48 hours
Public Housing Staff 
  Public Housing Manager Tanya Charriez Ext. 6010
  Public Housing Assistant Manager Jennie Davila Ext. 6012
  LRPH Counselor I Veronica Berube Ext. 6011
  Resident Services Coordinator Tanya Johnson Ext. 6013
  ROSS Service Coordinator Jordan Cosper 325.676.6032
  Maintenance Crew Chief Ali Mitachi 325.676.6032
  Building Maintenance Specialist Onecimo Almazan 325.676.6032
  Building Maintenance Worker Earl Evans 325.676.6032
  Building Maintenance Worker Forrest Griffin 325.676.6032
Administrative Staff
  Chief Executive Officer Gene Reed Ext. 6394
  Housing & Community Dev. Director/ Executive Assistant Tana Kauffman-Hubbard Ext. 6379
  Chief Financial Officer Paul Falade Ext. 5320
  Accounting Technician Brandy Otto Ext. 6397
  Procurement/ Compliance Coordinator Virginia Hicks Ext. 6015
  Internal Monitor Manager Kenja Smith Ext. 6364